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Everchanging and breathtaking sceneries and views






Along the itineraries there is no possibility to find water nor other supplies. It will be possible to request maps of itineraries and to ask information directly to local services and guides. Along some itineraries and in some periods of the year tables and other spots for eating and drinking will be available.


Over 100 kilometres of paths, old mule tracks and single treks in the unspoiled nature

of the Cape of Leuca. 365 days and 4 seasons to discover all the colours of trekking in Salento. Ancient peasant tracks that, following dry stone walls built more than 200 years ago, connect the most panoramic points of the Adriatic coast.

The "Vie del Sale" (Roads of the Salt) that, mixing the sea and the countryside, connected the villages of the hinterland with the sea. The trails of the Ciolo Canyon that will host in 2019 the mountain running world championship, the steep descents to the sea, drawn, long ago, by fearless fishermen. Routes rich in charm and traditions that trace the history of this land in a constantly changing nature and revealing unexpected beauties.


Walking into the Cape of Leuca in the Regional Natural Park Otranto-Leuca is a continuous renewal of beautiful views, natural landscapes on the sea, stretches of ancient olive trees, rural buildings and ancient villages, an experience that remains ineffaceable in the mind and heart of every trekker.


Ancient path of the Mannuta (5km)

overlooking the sea along the Adriatic coast, lush vegetation and unspoiled nature.

Tratturi del Ciolo (3km)

the charm of the Ciolo Canyon and its ancient prehistoric caves.

Path of the Cipolliane caves (3km)

easy and suggestive path with the visit to the wonderful homonymous caves.

Paths of the Vie del Sale (6km)

History, tradition and views immersed in rural nature and Mediterranean vegetation.

La Traccia Sudest (83km)

multi-route itinerary in the Natural Park to discover the Adriatic coast of Salento.

Moontrekking (4km)

Every full moon night, trekking in the moonlight that turns on the sea.


Most of the itineraries can be chained or turned into a ring.

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