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With this form you ask:
- to be a member of the Salentoverticale ASD association (free)
- to be admitted to participate in the scheduled excursion 

ITINERARY: Leuca - western caves - Leuca
MEETING: hours 9.30 AM 
START: hours 10.00 AM
RETURN: hours 12.30 about 
LENGHT: 4 marine miles
DIFFICULTY: Easy (excursion for everyone as long as they are able to swim)

TO BRING: Water, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel


Information Notes

1) The association's insurance policy covers civil liability towards third parties. However, it is advisable to request the CSEN accident insurance supplement (cost 6 euros), this policy covers the participants, according to the contractual conditions and during all the activities of the association.

2) The membership fee is used entirely by the association to cover out-of-pocket expenses and for institutional purposes. The Salentoverticale guides are all expert canoeists and operate in an absolutely voluntary manner; in compliance with the law they do not receive any remuneration for the activities carried out during the kayak excursion.

3) This kayak excursion is to be considered to all intents and purposes an activity which by its very nature may present risk margins which cannot be completely eliminated through the safety aids which will always and in any case be adopted. The participant, therefore, must be fully aware of the fact that the kayaking activity presents objective "unavoidable" dangers.

4) The Board reserves the right to cancel or revoke the registration of a participant at any time, should it deem it necessary. In the same way, the Board reserves the right to remove, during the kayak excursion, the participants deemed unsuitable for its continuation, or whose behavior could represent a danger to themselves or to others. In both cases, the participant may be refunded part of the registration fee.

The undersigned, having read the course program and the information notes, declares to accept them


The undersigned also declares that:

- show up for the excursion in optimal psychophysical and athletic conditions for carrying out the activity.

- to know how to swim and have good aquatic skills and to be in full possession of these skills.

- to have been fully informed on the methods, costs and everything concerning the excursion.

- that you have read carefully the statute of the Salentoverticale ASD association 

- to exempt the Salentoverticale association from any and all responsibility for injuries and accidents that may occur during the course of the excursion.

- that I am not positive for Sars Cov2 / Covid19, that I have not had a fever in the last 48 hours.



Sending the form on the side is valid as signature and acceptance of what has been read above.


Per registrarsi, si prega di compilare le informazioni qui sotto.

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