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Archeology, history and traditions combine together to discover Salento

The passion of Archès? Transmit, through narration, the beauty, the archaeological and historical past, the crafts

and the traditions of Salento accompanying you in the discovery of the most authentic corners!

Academics and experts of the territory, we are official tourist guides by regional authorities.

We offer guided tours, minitrekking and cultural walks both in the most renowned centers and in the rural areas,

moving around on foot or with our bikes. We organize customized crafts workshops (ancient weaving,

lacework and knitting, clay manufacturing and wickerwork) and cookingclasses with the utilization

of typical products and ingredients of the local gastronomic tradition.


Via Carmignani, 14

Lucugnano di Tricase 73030 (LE)
+39 3278410214

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